Thursday, February 1, 2018

Chubby Snowmen (a re-post!)

I'm busy. And this week, I don't have something new to post for Flannel Friday, even though it was one of my (million and one) goals for the year.  Is it cheating to do a re-post from a couple of years ago?  If so, I guess I'm cheating!  But these guys haven't seen the light of day in a while since I'm not in the classroom anymore, so they needed to at least come out for a photo shoot and star appearance on my blog. So without further jibber jabber, here are Five Little Snowman Fat!

You can see a video of these guys in action right here!

And you can buy them right here!

And here is the accompanying rhyme/song:

Five Little Snowmen Fat
Five little snowmen fat,
Each with a funny hat.
Out came the sun and melted one,
What do you think of that?
Down, down, down, down.
What do you think of that?

I found the poem here, and used clip art as inspiration for the snowmen and their cute little accessories. I made two sets for each snowman--the second set got scattered onto a "puddle" made of  light blue felt. When each snowman melts I take him away and replace him with his puddle :) 

This week's Flannel Friday is being hosted by Lisa and Libraryland.  You can also access Flannel Friday at Pinterest or the Flannel Friday Blog for zillions of ideas!  And please come visit my shop, too:  Flannel Board Fun :)

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