Saturday, December 9, 2017

Little Mouse: Hanukkah Variation

I'm a big fan of the Little Mouse game and all its variations!  Proof?  Check out this old post.  I have a Hanukkah set that I've also posted about before, and wanted a new way to incorporate it into story times. Enter a Little Mouse variation! (I like this way of exposing kids to other cultures in a developmentally appropriate way.)

By using the rhyme...
Little __________, Little ___________
Playing Hide and Seek...
Are you behind the __________?
Let's take a peek! can come up with almost endless variations, all while exposing the children to Hanukkah related vocabulary words.  Examples:

Hanukkah gelt, Hanukkah gelt, 
Playing hide and seek...
Are you behind the Menorah?
Let's take a peek!

Little latke, little latke, 
Playing hide and seek...
Are you behind the Nun dreidel?
Let's take a peek!

(Obviously you'll need to brush up on your Hanukkah knowledge if you don't have much of it (that was me before I started teaching in a school with a pretty high Jewish population!))  Great opportunity for you to learn along with the kids, if that's the case.

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