Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Zoo

Ah, Storytime Katie how you inspire me!  Though I didn't follow all of Katie's techniques, I was determined to make those cages and zoo critters after seeing what a wonderful job she did.  I used sheets of black sticker felt and cut them into strips using an exacto knife and this ruler.  I used a hole punch to make the black circles, and a rectangular hole punch to make the smaller lock parts on the camel's cage.  Fabric paint for smaller dots and animal eyes...

When I know I'm going to layer pieces on the board, I tend to make only the bottom layers using the collage method. I really love the way the black background looks using that method, but the pieces are a lot stiffer and thicker, so they don't stick as well to each other and can topple right off the board mid-story.  So with Dear Zoo, for example, I used the collage method for the animals, but just did plain, un-backed felt for the cages so they would layer easily and not fall off the animals.

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