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Circle Time Fun:
Looking for something to make your circle times more engaging?  Need to spice things up and hold your wiggly kids' attention? Hoping to increase language, musical and movement skills through play and song?  I've got you covered!  Click on Stories and Songs and Storytime Sets above to see all the goodies--and feel free to message me if you don't see what you're looking for!

Fine Motor Fun:
Hoping to build fine motor skills in your classroom without screens, electronics and a plethora of plastic?  All of the FlannelBoardFun sets can be used independently by children 3+.  The DIY sets specifically require lots of pinching and pressing and placing, but all FlannelBoardFun sets have tons of early learning benefits tucked neatly inside.  It all happens naturally through play, with a list of books and the lyrics to rhymes and songs inlcuded to extend that natural learning.

As a preschool teacher for 25 years, I've put my knowledge of child development into every set I've created, so you can be sure you are getting the perfect combination of fun and fundamentals ! What could be better: engaging and fun hands-on activities that promote imagination--plus literacy, fine motor, and math skills--all through play!? The icing on the cake: each set includes a list of teacher-recommended books to go along with the theme, as well as lyrics to related rhymes, poems and songs--perfect to expand on the learning that occurs naturally as children play. 

Take a look around. I'm confident you'll find something soft, colorful, and carefully crafted that is just perfect for the child you are thinking of! And for fun monthly tidbits for anyone with little kids in their life, sign up for my newsletter right here: